HTML-CSS Lessons


HTML-CSS Lessons


A practical course on HTML and CSS

  • Anyone who touches HTML and CSS in their line of work
  • Anybody who places content (whether text or graphics) for sharing within a Web space, including email, be it in an Intranet portal or the Internet
  • This will help you enter, check, or correct lines of code within your software or platform
  • Proper coding makes for better output on the web page or user interface
  • Proper coding largely helps with ADA and SEO compliance
  • You will learn to build responsive web pages
  • You will learn how to properly apply up-to-date standards of HTML and CSS for your work
  • You will quickly learn handy tricks-of-the trade that you normally do not acquire from traditional schooling, but through years of experience
  • You will learn to use the most practical tools for the job
  • That this course will make you a Web Designer
  • That this course will make a Web Developer
  • ... unless you take your learning to the next level. Bottom line: this course will teach you the foundational application of HTML and CSS. Where that takes you is totally up to you!

The lessons are from no less than the foremost authority in Web standards:

  • This is a hands-on program wherein you will learn how to build web pages with a good blend HTML and CSS from the start
  • HTML and CSS elements will be discussed as we apply them correctly, meaning, you will also be learning important things like Responsive Web design, as well as ADA and SEO Compliance
  • Additional notes will be provided so you can continue your own drills
  • Your success is contigent upon your own efforts: the more you practice, the better you get!
  1. Editor: any software you can type in your HTML code

    • Mac: Simpletext or TextEdit
    • Windows: Notepad
    • Works on either: Sublime Text <---This will be installed in the computers we will use in the Training Lab
    • Note: There are many editors that are feature-rich and would even let you do styling without having to code up anything. But you won’t learn HTML!
  2. Web space:

    • this is where you publish so that others may view your web pages
    • In the very near future, we will be using use Codepen
    • For now, just create a folder on your desktop (or flash drive) and name it Awesome Website
  3. Graphics:

  4. Text: